We serve fresh food, cooked daily

Fish comes daily from Cornwall and we have a range of great local suppliers. Tygwyn Ciders from Monmouth, Butty Bach ale from the Wye Valley Brewery and single variety apple juice from Jus in Herefordshire are all popular choices after a day on the hills or browsing the bookshops in Hay.

Caws Cenarth, Neal's Yard Creamery and Trealy Farm charcuterie are a foodie's dream. All beautifully made cheeses and meats using the best local ingredients. The Welsh Venison Centre down the road provides us with mouthwatering venison and Geraldine Gibbons butchers in Hay is outstanding.

Coffee and cake

To book a table call: 01497 847007

All of our puddings and cakes are homemade and served with Rowlestone Court ice cream from Abbeydore. They have just made us some red bull and vodka sorbet and have an award winning range of ice creams and sorbets which are just delicious.

We serve the very best coffees as well as teas, hot chocolate and cold drinks. From 8.30am you can have a full breakfast or a bacon sandwich. We have a selection of toasted teacakes, croissants and cakes that are served all day. The lunch and evening menu vary according to markets and seasons.