Safety briefing

Before you get on the river we go through the route with you and give you a map pointing out any hazards. Once you have been kitted up we give you a short introduction to paddling showing you how to steer and what to do in the event of capsize. Please make sure you are happy with the brief we give you and you know which way to set off paddling (downstream!) before you go. Please ask the boys to give you more instruction if you feel you need it.

High river levels

If river levels go up slightly we start to restrict the type of paddler (e.g. no children if levels up a bit… only experienced etc..) If we are totally off the river we do sometimes go to the Brecon and Monmouthshire Canal which is a very safe option when the river is too high.

More than one

Canoeing is safer with more than one person, so if you get into difficulty there is someone to help you. Because of this we do not hire to solo paddlers. The minimum group size is two.

Risk activity

We would like you to be aware that Canoeing is a risk activity. There is a danger of entrapment and in extreme circumstances drowning.


Please do not take alcohol on the river for two reasons. Firstly paddling should be treated like driving. If you are over the limit to drive you are also over the limit to paddle. Keep it for the end point. Secondly we don't want any glass in the river endangering other river users or wildlife.

Please note:

We do not take children under 14 years old.

Safety Instruction